Netscape is one of the most widely used Social Bookmarking site on the web (reports suggest it is ranked 2nd in terms of unique visitors, 1st place goes to Digg). So any story on the front page is sure to get huge traffic. So the question is how to get to the front page of Netscape?

Following are the steps that I followed to reach the front page of Netscape within week of opening a account.

Step 1
Create a Netscape Account.

Step 2
Add as many friends as possible. If you look at friend list of writers of stories at front page, you will find that all of them have at least 200 friends in their friend list. You can as many friends as you want at any time there no restriction what so ever for adding friends on Netscape.

Step 3
Create a good story and submit it to Netscape.(Story should not violate Netscape Terms Of Use)

Step 4
Go to your story link and click on "share this story" link(marked in circle below)

This feature is unique to Netscape, no other social bookmarking site provide this feature(not even the mighty Digg) . This almost forces your friend to have a look at your story and most of them do vote. And you should do the same for the stories sent to you by your friends (its a social network remember).
The only trick here is that you can send to only 5 friends in one go .. so will have to repeat this multiple times to share your story with all friends.

Step 5
Keeps doing this for 2-3 days (not forgetting to vote on the stories shared by your friends). You will see that It is quite easy to reach front page on Netscape than it on any other social bookmarking site like digg.

Best of luck . Do leave a comment if you are able to get to the frontpage.