Ever wanted to play *.avi files in windows media player. Well you can now do this , thanks to codes available here .

Checking PageRank of inner pages can be very tiring, time consuming and sometimes not feasible. I came across this site on internet, Google Pagerank inspector,

Just Type in your Home Page URL, and it will automatically parse through all your pages and display PR of each page

If you want to transfer your blog to some one for any reason , you are required to transfer complete control to that user. Blogger allows you an easy interface to do this. Follow following steps.

  1. Login in to Blogger Dashboard.
  2. Select "Settings" link for blog that you want to shift to your own domain.
  3. Select "Permission" link
  4. Add email address of person you want to transfer your blog to.
  5. Wait till the person approves it, then add him as admin.
  6. The last action : Ask the person to remove you from the author of blog.